Wrestling Training

Favorite exercises for overall body strength and power

  • Jump squats or box jumps
  • Split-squats with dumbbells
  • Kettle bell swings
  • Battle rope: Alternating arm waves
  • Battle rope: Double arm slams
  • Medicine ball slams
  • Medicine ball roll-outs
  • Farmer’s walks
  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups

5 Essential Strength Movements for Wrestlers
This video is by Dustin Meyers, the well-known strength coach for the Ohio State wrestling team. He’s widely considered one of the best in the business. He shows how to do the following five exercises:

1. Sumo deadlift
2. Split-squats
3. Weighted pull-ups, underhand grip
4. One-arm dumbbell rows
5. Medicine ball roll-out

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Are you mentally tough?

“To win at the highest level against the best guys, mental toughness helps you more than any other tool,” he says. “Young athletes need to learn how to use their minds as a physical force through which they can tell their bodies what to do. No matter what pain the body feels, the mind can push through it and accomplish more.”

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